June 2 - July 5, 2021

Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon and 5K Walk

Vancouver “WALK WITH GOD” Cheerleader


Agnes Fallon


Dear friends,
In my retirement years, I have joined many volunteer work and last year I had joined Fountain of Love and Life. It is a ministry to evangelize in the Chinese communities. They produce TV and radio programs and have them aired on Fairchild TV Station and Radio Station. I have watched them and really like their work. I found it very meaningful. For your interest, you can visit their website FLL.cc. For this walkthon, they also have a webpage: walk.fll.cc
So I am very happy to support them to fund raise for their operations and productions. On June 24, they will have a fundraising walkathon: WALK WITH GOD 2018. I can't walk for them in person, but I can be a cheerleader for one participant in the walk.
As the cheerleader of Denise Lui, I wish to ask for your support to donate to her on behalf of me. Thank you very much for your support!!!
May God bless you and your family members to have good health and peace in heart!
Yours truly in Christ,
Agnes Fallon
Total raised (CAD): $108.00
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