OCT 21, 2018

Scotiabank Toronto Half-Marathon and 5K Walk


FLL is currently the only Chinese Catholic media apostolate which broadcasts weekly TV and Radio programs on Chinese media channels. Our wide variety of programs promote the core values of the Catholic faith, help the faithful to deepen their faith and evangelize to those who have yet to believe in Christ Jesus.




Catholic charitable organizations featured in our programs gain the much needed exposure in the media to raise awareness and to grow their mission.




Through our YouTube, Facebook, mobile app and website, we provide people from around the world free access to our large collection of video and audio productions which we have produced over our 11 years of existence.






Our weekly e-newsletter “Newspiration” provides spiritual nourishment to thousands of subscribers. Daily spiritual contents are also distributed through our online and social media channels.






Our new online Catholic Resource Centre is a simple one-stop hub which provides a collection of talks/seminars by renowned Chinese Catholic speakers, covering a wide range of topics.






Many people/groups/schools take advantage of free resources online for their personal spiritual formation, for their cell groups/fellowships, and for educational purposes in schools, RCIA classes, etc.





We work hard to promote a culture of active involvement of lay people in the Church and in spreading the Good News to the world. The different platforms we have built over the years enable, empower and encourage more individual Catholics around the world to become active members of the Church and intentional disciples of Christ.





We collaborate with many evangelization partners from different parts of the world to enhance the effectiveness of our ministry work.





We are a local apostolate providing for a huge global need for Chinese Catholic media content. We need more financial resources in order to meet the increasing demand of our global audience/supporters and the escalating challenges in this secularized world.





We rely 100% on donations to sustain our apostolic work in media evangelization, which means every dollar of your donation counts towards the accomplishment of our mission.