October 1-31, 2020

Scotiabank Toronto Virtual Marathon

Registration Guide

1. Navigate to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon website at http://www.torontowaterfrontmarathon.com/.

2. Click the box for “Canadian Runners: Register”.

3. Select one of the running/walking options: Marathon, Half Marathon, or 5km Run/Walk (most FLL participants will be joining the 5km Run/Walk).

4. Create your account by filling in your email address and select “No, I want to create a password.”.

Note: Password is mandatory for registration.

5. Fill in your personal information.

Note: Ignore the listed price, charity discount will be applied at a later step

Note: For the charity discount PIN to work properly, you can ONLY register one participant at each checkout. If multiple participants are registered, the charity discount will only apply to the first registrant.

Note: You can skip non-required questions.

6. Under “How did you learn about this event?” Select “Affiliated Charity” and type “Fountain of Love and Life”.

Note: You can skip non-required questions.

7. If you enjoy the walking pace of the FLL team, please put “01:01 mins” for “What is your expected finishing time” and select “Purple 61+ mins”.
If you desire to run the 5km, you may select your own corral time and expected finish time.

8. Select your size preference for Souvenir Shirt.

Additional charged add-ons can be skipped.
Verify all your information on this page. If info is OK, click “Continue” .

Note: This is NOT the charity discount PIN code.

9. Agree to the release waiver.

10. Select “No” if you are not a Scotiabank employee.

Note: If you are a Scotiabank employee, you may be required to submit additional ID information.

11.Scotiabank Charity Challenge: 

Select “Yes” and choose “Fountain of Love and Life” Enter the charity PIN code corresponding to your registration:

  • Marathon or Half Marathon ($80): M19FLL
  • 5k ($40): 5K19FLL
  • 5k with Stroller ($45): 5ST19FLL

12. Create your fundraising page.  Select “Create Scotiabank Charity Challenge Fundraising Account (via Artez”).

Note: This choice is mandatory. You MUST create a new fundraising account in order to proceed with the registration. 

Come up with a unique username and password.

Note: Accounts from previous years are all unavailable. The password you provide here is for your fundraising page, which is a different website and thus not associated with the password requested in the beginning of the registration process.

13. Decide on a fundraising goal for yourself.  How much money are you aiming to raise for FLL? (This is just a motivational tool; there are no consequences if you do not meet the target).

You can skip the “Donate” field here.

Note: If you make a donation here, the donation WILL NOT go to your selected charity. It will go to the Canada Running Series.

14. Fill in your billing information to complete your registration. 

Note: Make sure the charity discount PIN works properly, and no unwanted add-ons are added by mistake. You can check the price of your registration on the right column.


Keep a record of your confirmation number.