Ripples of Hope

Ripples of Hope

The amazing story of Maria and Kingman from Taiwan, who donated $3,300 CDN to support FLL “Walk with God” last week, has touched my heart deeply. Their story turned out to be the beginning of another touching story, my mother’s story.  

Since the day we received their donation of $3,300, the amount was imprinted in my mind. I related that to the 33 years that Jesus lived on earth with us, WALKING WITH US.

I can relate to Maria and Kingman’s story because my mom has been suffering immensely for the last 4 years from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (also known as ALS). At the moment, she has completely lost her mobility and speech ability and can only communicate by blinking her eyes and slightly moving her head. She has to rely on others for all her personal needs, just like Maria after her accident.

When I shared Maria and Kingman’s story with my mother, I could tell from her eyes and facial expression that she was deeply moved. Maria’s miraculous healing story has brought her hope! When I asked her if she also wanted to donate $3,300 to FLL, like Maria and Kingman did, she blinked her eyes with strong conviction.  (Note: blinking eyes for her means YES.) Although my mom has been very supportive of FLL and our mission, the way that she responded to my invitation to donate that specific amount was very different from her usual generous intention to donate. I could feel a special bonding between her YES and the couple’s act of charity to FLL. It is so beautiful! It is a chain reaction of love and hope! From that came the Spirit’s inspiration to me…

I felt the powerful chain reaction of HOPE igniting HOPE, which is most needed in this world with many people living in despair, especially those who are suffering from incurable illnesses. Jesus came to bring hope to the world, and we are to pass it on…

I would like to initiate a “Chaplet” of Rosary Evangelization Mission (COREM) 玫瑰福傳鏈 for the rest of October in honour of our heavenly mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, as this is the Rosary month, and it is Mother Mary who brought Jesus to earth where He spent 33 years walking with us. From the chain reaction of my mother responding to Maria and Kingman’s generous gift to Christ, I hope to inspire a chain reaction of love offering, hope and evangelization through sharing of personal witnesses. We will offer the fruits of this Chaplet to Jesus through Mary on December 8, the Feast of Immaculate Conception at a Thanksgiving Mass when the FLL community will do the 33-day Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

There are three ways to respond to this invitation:

  1. Submit your prayer intention through this link. We will offer your prayer intentions at the Thanksgiving Mass.
  2. Submit your personal witness story of HOPE through this link if you are willing to share it with others through the channels of FLL, e.g. website, TV or radio.
  3. If you are inspired by the Holy Spirit to contribute financially to further FLL’s work in bringing HOPE to the world,  you can make an offering in the pattern of $33, $330, $3300, etc. to FLL’s “Walk with God” event. Thirty-three, 33, is to commemorate Jesus’ WALK WITH US on earth and the “33” pattern will allow us to recognize that you are responding to the COREM 玫瑰福傳鏈 initiative. You may submit your donations through the “Walk with God” website until October 31 at 4pm EST.

May the power of Christ’s love and hope be felt through us as His loving agents on earth!

United in Christ and Mother Mary,

Paul Yeung
Founder and Executive Director of FLL



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