OCT 21, 2018

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon








  • 在郵區號碼一欄,填上000
  • 捐款以加幣計算
  • 《生命恩泉》會發給您加拿大的捐款兌稅收據


將港幣捐款存入香港《活水基金》Living Spring Foundation 的戶口作代收,由《活水基金》將捐款轉交《生命恩泉》。


港幣捐款截止日期: 十月三十日, 香港時間下午十二時,請把港幣捐款存入以下戶口:

分行號碼: 024
戶口號碼: 254-449937-883

  • 網上/電話轉賬
  • 轉數快 (FPS)
  • 銀行直接繳交



填妥《生命恩泉》網上表格,上載入數紙或入數記錄, 按 “proceed”




將入數紙或入數記錄,Whatsapp 至 +1(416)206-4808; 請在短訊中註明捐款人姓名及地址,並清楚註明贊助步行者姓名/ 隊伍,以便《生命恩泉》核對網上表格資料。 經確認後,《生命恩泉》將會協助各參加者將捐款資料輸入大會的捐款系統。

*備註: 此捐款予《生命恩泉》的方法只適用贊助於2018年的「主與我同行」活動。


The following are two methods for sponsoring FLL’s Walk with God Team at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2018 from Hong Kong:

Method 1:

Sponsor a participant or team by using the event organizer’s online donation system.


  • In the Postal Code field, enter “000”.
  • The donation amount you entered is in Canadian currency.
  • A Canadian donation tax receipt will be issued by FLL.

Method 2:

Deposit your donation into Living Spring Foundation’s bank account* which collects the donation on behalf of FLL.

Step 1:

Deposit your donation in the following bank account* by 12 noon Hong Kong time, by October 30, 2018 to:

Hang Seng Bank
Bank Code: 024
Account Number: 254-449937-883


  • Online or telephone banking
  • FPS
  • Deposit at a Hang Seng branch

Keep the deposit slip for record keeping.


Step 2:

Fill out the FLL Hong Kong Donation form and upload bank-in slip/ record .

*For donations of $100HKD or above, a donation receipt will be issued to you if you have provided your name and address.
Click Proceed.
Upload a copy of bank-in slip with Whatsapp to +1(416)206-4808 with donor’s name and address. Please indicate name of sponsored individual/ team so that we can cross reference with your provided information.
After verification, FLL will assist the participant with entering the donation in the official donation system.

*This method of donation in support of Fountain of Love and Life is restricted for sponsoring the “Walk with God” event.