October 1-31, 2020

Scotiabank Toronto Virtual Marathon

List of Winners

Early Incentives

a. 報名 Registration 

九月十五日或之前報名並已籌得超過 $100的參加者,可獲贈「生命恩泉媒體及資源中心」 (書舍) 優惠券 (購物 $50 或以上,可獲75折優惠)
Those who register by September 15 and raise over $100 will receive an FLL Resource and Media Centre (bookstore) coupon (25% off purchase of $50 or above)


Paul Yeung
Patricia Young
Helen C C Lee
Rosa Tse
Maisie Ng
Ben Cheng
Una Cheung
Lucia Ng
Olivia Yu
Kenneth Li
Solomon Lui
Candace Lui
Agnes Wong
Jerry Liu
Rexan Wong
Selina Kan
Teresa Law
Sally Fong
Colette Chow
Bernadette Cheng
Edwin Lok
Paul Tam
Theresa Liu-Lo
Edmond Lo
Corinna Lee
Roque Ip
Margaret Woo
Elizabeth Leung
Clarisse Fong
Winnie Lai
Eva Hung
Cynthia Chan
Joseph Tsui
Cecilia So
Bianca Fung
Teresa Wan
Selina Lam
Yollie Leung
August Chow
Claudia Kung
Simon Chow
Amy Ho
Agnes Ng
Otto Lam

b. 籌款 Fundraising 

頭二十五名籌得超過 $2,000 的參加者可參加抽獎。兩份獎品為禮券套裝,每份價值$50
First 25 people to raise $2,000 will enter into a draw for 2 sets of assorted gift cards each worth $50


Jacqueline Chan
Mani Wong


All Participants 所有參加者

參加者 (以抽奬日10:00am 計算,籌款額必須超過$500) 將自動參加分別於 9/15, 9/30 及10/15 舉行大抽獎,每次中獎名額一個。 (註:如抽獎當日沒有參加者籌款超過$500,該獎項將撥落下一個抽獎日送出。)
Participants (raised $500 or above as of 10am on the draw dates) enter into draws held on Sept 15, Sept 30 and Oct 15 respectively. A prize will be given out in each draw.  (Note: If no participant has raised $500 or above on the draw date, the prize will be given out in the next draw.)


Sept 15 – Olivia Yu
Sept 30 – Roque Ip
Oct 15 – Jo Jo Au