June 29 - September 18, 2020

Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon and 5K Walk

Days left to Virtual Walk with God



因應新冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 的疫情,豐業銀行於2020年5月1日正式宣布,豐業銀行溫哥華半馬拉松和五公里步行籌款活動現已改為虛擬形式進行。所有參加者將以虛擬步行者或虛擬跑步者的身份參加。 這活動將由2020年6月29日(星期一) 至2020年9月18日(星期五) 舉行。每位參加者均可以自由選擇日期、時間和地點進行。

統一收費: $40.57 (包括稅、手續費)


  1. 五公里虛擬步行
  2. 十公里虛擬步行
  3. 半馬拉松虛擬跑步


  1.   請於出發前先計劃好您的步行或跑步路線。您可以計劃一次把步行或跑步完成 ,亦可將步行或跑步的路程分成幾小段於幾天內完成。
  2. 請避免於人群或車輛較多的地方進行虛擬步行/跑步。大會建議參加者選擇在一天中最寧靜的時間(例如早上9:30至11:00或下午1:00 至3:00),於您住宅附近的地方進行。您可選擇獨自或邀請您的家人一起參與。
  3.  請穿著合適天氣的運動服裝。
  4. 請自備水和/或簡單的零食以保充體力。
  5. 請保持社交距離 (與途人距離至少6英尺)。
  6. 請於出發前把您的步行或跑步路線告知您的家人或朋友,並隨身攜帶您的手機。


  1. 上載您的虛擬步行/跑步結果。請於6月29日至 9月18日期間完成步行/跑步之後,啟動您的Sportstats帳戶,然後把步行/跑步結果上載Sportstats。參加者將於報名後,收到由大會發出的電郵,通知您啟動Sportstats的程序。
  2. 當您完成虛擬步行/跑步後, 請在Sportstats中報告您的成績。在幾星期內您將會透過郵件收到獎牌和紀念襯衫。請確保您於虛擬步行/跑步帳戶內所註冊的地址正確。詳情請留意大會日後的公佈。
  3. 您將於 6月收到一封電郵, 電郵內將提供虛擬優惠活動包的資料。您將有機會贏得由虛擬跑步合作夥伴所送出的隨機抽獎禮品。

注意: 豐業銀行將承擔網上籌款的信用卡費用。

The Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5K Virtual Run / Walk:

Due to COVID-19, Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon and 5K are now offered as a virtual walk/run. All participants will join the event as a virtual walker or a virtual runner.  The virtual walk/run will be held from Monday, June 29 to Friday, September 18, 2020.  Each participant will have the flexibility to choose the date, time and location on their own to complete the virtual walk/run. 

Registration fee:   Flat rate of  $40.57  (Tax & Handling Fee included)

Choices of the Virtual Walk/Run: 

  1. 5K Virtual Walk
  2. 10K Virtual Walk
  3. Half-Marathon Virtual Run

Tips to participate in the virtual run/walk: 

  1. Plan your route. You can complete the walk or run with full distance at one time or break it into smaller increments over several days.
  2. Avoid high traffic pedestrian and vehicle areas. Run or walk close to home in your neighbourhood during a quieter time of the day like mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
  3. Walk or run by yourself or with anyone who is from your household. 
  4. Wear appropriate clothing. Be visible and dress for the weather.  
  5. Bring water and/or a simple snack.
  6. Adhere to social distancing practices and make sure to maintain 6 feet apart from other pedestrians during the walk or run.   
  7. Inform someone about your route and carry a cell phone with you during the walk or run.


  1. Once you’ve completed your walk/run between June 29th and September 18th, upload your results to Sportstats with a Sportstats account.  Details will be provided to you by Scotiabank upon registration.
  2. After you complete your virtual walk/run and report your results in Sportstat, you will receive a finisher medal and a souvenir shirt in the mail in the coming weeks.  Make sure your address is correct in your Race Roster account.
  3. Prior to the event, check your email. You will receive your Virtual Event Bag that is full of great offers and you may also win prizes from some random draws. These are offered from the race partners.  

Note:  Scotiabank covers all credit card fees associated with any online donation, so 100% of the funds you raise or donate will go directly to Fountain of Love and Life ministry.


Please support Fountain of
Love and Life’s evangelization work.

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日期 Date

Sunday, June 28, 2020

時間 Time

半馬拉松 Half Marathon: 7:30am
五公里競跑/步行 5K Run/Walk: 8:00am

地點 Location

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC




REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, September 4, 2020

網上報名步驟 Online Registration Steps


Registration Link: https://raceroster.com/events/2020/26313/2020-scotiabank-vancouver-half-marathon-and-5k

  1. Click Register.  Fill in your email address and password.  If you do not have one,  pick ‘No. I want to create a password’.
  2. If you forget your password, click ‘forget password’.  Check your email.  You will receive one email to reset your password.   
  3. Select one of these:   Virtual 5K, Virtual Half-Marathon or Virtual 10K
  4. Fill in your personal information.
  5. What platform do you plan to record Virtual Run on?  If you are not using any from the list provided, choose None – I will add my time manually
  6. Subscribe to our newsletter, for the latest on events and running in Canada. Choose No
  7. Would you like to receive newsletters and other valuable content from official event partners?  Choose No 
  8. Are you participating as part of a team or fundraising or a charity? ChooseI’d like to join an existing team, fundraising team or official charity team.
  9. Select Team: Choose one of the FLL teams. (eg. FLL – Gentleness; FLL – Faithfulness;  FLL – Peace; FLL – Joyful Noise; FLL – Kindness; etc)  
  10. Souvenir shirt:  Choose your size
  11. Promo Code:  Skip
  12. Click  CONTINUE
  13. Check the box in front of  “ I agree to Virtual Race Waiver.”
  14. Enter Initial:  eg. K. Leung  for Katherine Leung 
  15. Are you a Scotiabank employee?  Choose No
  16. Select donation amount:  No need to donate here.  Click CHECKOUT
  17. Fill in your information for a credit card payment. Click SUBMIT ORDER 

After completion of the registration, you will receive emails from RaceRoster/Canada Running Series.  If you do not receive them, check your spam or junk mail.   

Note:  Scotiabank covers all credit card fees associated with any online donation, so 100% of the funds you raise or donate will go directly to Fountain of Love and Life.

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You are a great friend of Fountain of Love and Life and we know you would love to be part of the “Walk with God” Team 2020.

Here is your chance! By being our “Walk with God” Cheerleader, you can help Fountain of Love and Life achieve its fundraising goal by inviting your circle of friends to sponsor any of your friends (or teams) participating in WALK WITH GOD 2020! In one business day, you will receive an email that includes a link (URL) to your personal Cheerleader page that has been created for you. You can then send the link to your circle of friends and invite them to support FLL or the team/participant of your choice. The amount of their donation will appear on your Cheerleader page so that you will know what a difference you have made towards the overall fundraising goal of FLL.

Thank you for standing by our frontline runners/walkers to raise funds for the FLL mission!