June 29 - September 18, 2020

Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon and 5K Walk


今年 「主與我同行」 籌委會增添了一個名為「燃點希望」的計劃 。為能通過一些活動把在疫情中感到憂慮、失望、抑鬱、擔憂的朋友帶來一點正面的訊息, 重新燃點他們心中的希望, 相信基督是希望的泉源。籌委會製作了一系列的視頻短片與大家分享。讓大家能得到天主的安慰,重拾生命的目的。


This year, the Walk with God 2020 Planning Committee added a new project called “Ignite Hope”. The aim of this project is to instill positive messages and ignite hope to people who are worried, hopeless or depressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic through participating in different activities. We believe Christ is our hope. The Walk with God 2020 Planning Committee has produced a series of video clips of these activities to share with you. By watching these videos, we hope that you will experience God’s consolation and reignite your spirit.

Joseph Chen & Rose Huang: Sewing Handmade Cloth Face Masks for Catholic Men’s Hostel

Mark Cheung: Singing to Ignite Hope

Denise Lui: Colouring and Meditating
Ginne Lau: Making a Rosary – a chain of hope
Alfred Leung: A Giving Heart
Connie Tong: “Jesus Loves You” Cookies
Anthony Lo: Listening to God in Nature
Savio Tow: Feeding Homeless Jesus
Beatrice Tao: Sharing God’s Talents
Edna Wong: Crocheting with Hope
Candice Leung: The Less Fortunate Deserves Our Care
Elen Chan: Doing Small Acts with Great Love
Angela Wong: Peace Be With You
Ivan But: Comforting Words
Assunta Chan: Colourful Scrub Hats
I Li: JOIN ME & Walk With God
Pearl Chan: Song of Hope
Bill Huang: HOPE Never Stops!
William / Karen: Christ Ignites our Hope